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website content

Why Website content is important!

Website content is important because it’s how a company introduces itself to the reader, and how it sells itself to potential clients.

Website content includes main pages and the blog.

The website content question pops up frequently from clients, so I wanted to address this issue on the blog.

NO judging! As obvious as this may be to some, it’s not to others. My goal is to help my clients with their marketing, not put them down because they don’t know everything about digital marketing.

It’s true, creating a website can get tedious, but having quality material about the company is imperative. I’m sure this is part of the reason I get asked these questions.

(To all clients; I try to make this process as easy and painless as possible).

A quick guide to the structure of basic website main pages…..

  • About Us: tells a little about the company.
  • Services page: introduces the reader to the goods and services offered.
  • Employee page: showcase employees because they are the strength of the company.
  • Blog: where the reader gets up to date relevant information.
  • Contact Info page: all contact info including a form

(A basic website layout can be adjusted or increased depending on the business. Some have used testimonials, but it’s dependent on the target market)

Design of websites main pages needs to be simple and visual, and the content structure should be written for readers and search engines. A delicate line exists between attracting clients and search engines, but can be accomplished with a clear target.

Websites are designed to provide opportunities for readers to buy. Always think sales! If the blog is always WE do WE do WE, in one click your company loses a sale!

Write content with these ideas in mind

  • What’s in it for the client?
  • What information do they want to read from our company?
  • What will compel them to call us?
  • What will get them to buy?
  • How can our company fill a need or want?

The fun part of marketing is the blog! Content on the blog is where a company can reveal it’s personality. The blog often “seals the deal” in the minds of the new clients. The blog is the spot where, if they like what they read, agree with certain philosophies and viewpoints, get a vibe and a sense of the company and expertise, the new client will call or email.

Blogs are usually written material, but infographics, testimonials and videos can be used to spice it up! These are powerful ways to attract new clients.

The moving parts of building a website should all add up to sales, and excellent content makes that happen! Each element is important for doing business online.

If you are looking for a marketing company to build your website feel free to call us. We are more than happy to answer questions or give you an idea of how much it costs and the time needed to make it happen.