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I have revamped Zip Media to do 2 things. Facebook Marketing and Email Marketing, that’s it!

Why? It’s simple since I’ve in marketing for more than half my life, I have worked with a variety of businesses and a variety of marketing options.

In my experience, I have learned that these two options consistently provide the best rate of return on your marketing dollars. They will get you the leads you want and generate the sales for a successful business.

There are other factors in what makes a business successful, but if you have a good product and services, these two options will work. It’s Zip Media’s job to work, test and adapt these options for success, and it will work for all types of business.

I work with Real Estate Agents and Brokers along with Interior Designers. I find focusing my attention in a particular industry helps me provide better service to my clients. These two options also offer fantastic lead generation in an industry that gets clobbered with new marketing ideas.

As a marketing professional, I’m fascinated by technology and how it’s used to create, develop and market a business. The endless possibilities are exciting. I also like change and the fast pace of digital marketing. Keeps me on my toes! Plus social media marketing and email marketing are fun and provide incredible data we can use to make educated changes with marketing.

facebook marketing email marketingFacebook advertising and email newsletters are not very expensive and can be worked effectively for almost immediate results. There is an art to setting these up and operating them effectively, and that’s what Zip Media does for its clients.
We set up everything, work it, test and provide the customer with the leads they want.

If this is something you have been thinking about for your business,

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