Blogging Tips

6 Critical Tips To Creating Website Content

Follow these critical content tips if you want a shot of getting any organic search rankings for your website.

The headline needs to grab attention.
Content needs to be simple, to the point and written with the client in mind.
The body of the content or post must live up to the headline or page title.
State your conclusion at the beginning of the page or post.
Create article headers to organize your ideas
Remember- people make decisions based on emotion.
Bonus Tip #1: Create content by commenting on an article someone else wrote.
Bonus Tip #2: Record yourself

These are the basics, but it’s a starting point. These tips work for website content and blogs.

Another important reason to have good content is having useful and important information available for email newsletters and quality content for social media outlets.

If you need more advanced help, I can assist you with moving on to more tailored techniques for your business content.
6 Critical Tips
1. The headline needs to grab attention.
There is no point in creating an informational and amazing article if the headline does not grab attention!  Pick the headline first, map out content headers and then go for it by adding the detailed information.

So many of my clients struggle with writing content because it feels so ominous.  My advice is to break it down: headline, headers and then the important information, step away, edit, post, then edit again, save and then edit.  That’s the way it works.

I’ve compiled a list of killer headlines that have been tested and rated to help you.

Another tip is to make sure your headline contains important keywords and that you use the keywords in the content.  Just think about how you use the […]

Creating Killer Headlines

Killer headlines are crucial to blogging.
The purpose of a killer headlines is to attract attention within seconds and pull them into your article and website. Therein lies the power of an amazing headline.
One of the most essential elements of a killer headline is it must stand on its own.
Listed in this blog are some of the top headlines and headline examples.
It’s beneficial to pick a great headline first and then add your content to it.  The next step in creating the best blog is to adding paragraph headers so you can organize your content.

I’m a fan of using humor to grab and explain- I respond well to those types of headlines, but I do like vital information to enhance what I am reading, and I am not alone.
I’ve compiled the types of headlines that attract attention.

People love numbered lists:            7 Habits, 5 ideas, 3 pitfalls etc
They love resource lists:           7 ways, 7 secrets, 7 things
They read Warnings or Cautions:       Top 10 mistakes, 11 warning signs
What’s New?  We are addicted to new:       5 new ideas to create more followers,
How to’s:  How to implies a solution to a problem:      How to finalize your Divorce in 5 quick steps.
“You can do it”  Adds intrigue:      You can solve your families financial crisis
Ask a Question;  make sure you know the answer!       Does staying in an unhappy marriage benefit your children?
Fear:  Fear and greed are the primary motivators:       “4 Phrases that age you.”
Astonishing Facts:       1 in 2 marriages end in Divorce, World wastes 30% of its food
Controversy:  Controversy […]

Why is website content important?

Website content is important because it’s how a company introduces itself to the reader, and how it sells itself to potential clients.

Website content includes main pages and the blog.

The website content question pops up frequently from clients, so I wanted to address this issue on the blog.

NO judging! As obvious as this may be to some, it’s not to others. My goal is to help my clients with their marketing, not put them down because they don’t know everything about digital marketing.

It’s true, creating a website can get tedious, but having quality material about the company is imperative. I’m sure this is part of the reason I get asked these questions.

(To all clients; I try to make this process as easy and painless as possible).

A quick guide to the structure of basic website main pages…..

About Us: tells a little about the company.
Services page: introduces the reader to the goods and services offered.
Employee page: showcase employees because they are the strength of the company.
Blog: where the reader gets up to date relevant information.
Contact Info page: all contact info including a form

(A basic website layout can be adjusted or increased depending on the business. Some have used testimonials, but it’s dependent on the target market)

Design of websites main pages needs to be simple and visual, and the content structure should be written for readers and search engines. A delicate line exists between attracting clients and search engines, but can be accomplished with a clear target.

Websites are designed to provide opportunities for readers to buy. Always think sales! If the blog is always WE do WE do WE, in one click your company loses a sale!

Write content with these ideas in mind

What’s in it for the client?
What […]

One of the best reasons to blog: personality

Blog personality, an essential reason for blogging, frequently overlooked when discussing the importance of blogging.

Every blog showcases a company’s personality and where a company sells itself or doesn’t. I focus on marketing efforts that generate sales, so my belief is blogging, and blogging with personality make sales.

A sales truism is clients buy from the sales people and companies they like, more than the product itself. Knowing this fact, showing your personality on the blog is crucial.

Personal experience with buying and selling has taught me buyers and sellers want to work with companies they mesh with for personal reasons, and this makes for a higher success rate for the future. Success is long standing relationships between the company and client each getting what they need and want.

On the buyer side of things, viewing blogs prior to decision making works out in my favor, aligning myself with companies I choose to do business with over the long term.

The blog personality is obvious when you are a person writing an individual blog, most of the time for fun, but more professional companies get stuck in the share knowledge trap using business terms most people use for BS Bingo. yawner!

One of the challenges of working with my clients, many of them attorneys, is they want to post straight, to the fact, bullet points, written in legal terminology. Yawner again.

If you are searching for an attorney, you need legal help, you want it fast, simple, and to get a sense of the attorney, before making a decision. Sifting through legal terminology causes reader to move on to the next option. I don’t want that for the client!

I want my clients personalities to shine on their blog. I want them […]

3 motivating blogging stats.

Encouraging client’s creation of blog postings is a day to day occurrence.  One of the best ways to develop organic traffic on any website is blogging, and this is no secret nor has this tip changed much in the world of digital marketing.

Instead of constantly hammering away at clients the value of blogging I have developed creative and motivating ideas to stress the importance of blogging.

Since motivation and learning come in many forms, my hope is sharing statistics on blogging will trigger certain clients sense of urgency and importance in writing their blogs.

Motivating clients to complete material for the blog is a common problem.  It’s also common for writers in any field around the world.

What has worked for me personally, is one simple quote taped to the wall in mission control, otherwise referred to as my office that states “the difference between a successful writer and a non-successful writer is….. one writer writes, and one thinks about writing.”

This quote is my daily motivation.  It’s simple and creating one blog is also simple.  Here is why for myself.  I have confidence in my ability and knowledge of marketing. The marketing techniques I employ get desired results for clients.  I read and research daily on the ever-adjusting and developing web marketing.  Knowing these details, I have plenty to share with my clients and potential new clients. Simple.

Each business and person is motivated by different “hot buttons” so this post is for my stats driven clients.  My hope is these stats are motivating enough to advance your presence on the web by sharing your knowledge on the blog and work toward increasing revenue.

So here they are…..

1.  The average company will see a 45% growth in traffic when […]