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Follow these critical content tips if you want a shot of getting any organic search rankings for your website.

  • The headline needs to grab attention.
  • Content needs to be simple, to the point and written with the client in mind.
  • The body of the content or post must live up to the headline or page title.
  • State your conclusion at the beginning of the page or post.
  • Create article headers to organize your ideas
  • Remember- people make decisions based on emotion.
  • Bonus Tip #1: Create content by commenting on an article someone else wrote.
  • Bonus Tip #2: Record yourself

These are the basics, but it’s a starting point. These tips work for website content and blogs.

Another important reason to have good content is having useful and important information available for email newsletters and quality content for social media outlets.

If you need more advanced help, I can assist you with moving on to more tailored techniques for your business content.

6 Critical Tips

1. The headline needs to grab attention.

There is no point in creating an informational and amazing article if the headline does not grab attention!  Pick the headline first, map out content headers and then go for it by adding the detailed information.

So many of my clients struggle with writing content because it feels so ominous.  My advice is to break it down: headline, headers and then the important information, step away, edit, post, then edit again, save and then edit.  That’s the way it works.

I’ve compiled a list of killer headlines that have been tested and rated to help you.

Another tip is to make sure your headline contains important keywords and that you use the keywords in the content.  Just think about how you use the search engines when you need information.  What are you looking for and what questions do you need to be answered?

If you are working with clients for your business, write down the questions they ask.  You can adapt their questions into killer headlines.

2.  Content needs to be simple, to the point and written with the Client in mind.


You should do this if you want to sell your home.

If you want your divorce to be final in 91 days- do this!

For your content to make an impact and benefit anyone, keep it simple to start. You are the professional and you can always have a part 2 for more information, but the goal is for potential clients to read it and take action- like calling you for an appointment.  If you provide the right information you pique their interest and they will communicate with you.

Keep in mind that you do want to write your content with the reader in mind.  Do they care or are you just writing about your self?  What can you do for them?  How do you solve the problems they are experiencing?

It is true that you now need about 2,000 words for the search engines to highly consider the content.  If you can at least create something simple, valuable containing a few keywords and it’s over 300 words, great.  You can keep adding information to the post as you go along.

I do this all the time, I want to get content up on my website so I post what I have.  Then through research and working with clients I learn more tidbits. I add anything I’ve learned to my blogs posted. Eventually, the post is over 2000 words and contain some valuable information for the reader and the search engines will see that.

Remember: Make your blogs interesting, use the strongest headline possible for all content and blogs. Test out a few headlines and use a keyword in the title. Test out opening paragraphs for all pages.  Sharing your knowledge and tell your readers about any success stories. That should get you well over 300 words!

3.  The Body of the content or post must live up to the awesome headline, opening paragraph or quote.

If the content doesn’t live up to the headline, opening paragraph or quote you are just pissing someone off, and they will leave. Potential clients notice and so do search engines, not good.

Headlines are challenging but once that is in place the content flows smoothly after the headline.  The opening paragraph sets how the material lines up in the body and the quote needs to make a verbal impact immediately.

Try a few different angles for headlines, opening paragraphs and look around for quotes.  Remember to make sure everything you create is consistent.

If you look back on the content and it doesn’t resonate with you, re-write it. I do this all the time.  If I see inconsistencies I re-write!  That’s the beauty of the being online; you can change anything.  If you are bored reading your own content, rewrite or scrap it and write it from a different angle.

Keep in mind the reader and what would help them?  It helps your writing and your credibility.

4.  State your conclusion at the beginning of the page or post and outline your bullets first. Then create the explanation.

The purpose of stating the conclusion first is to hook the reader with the quick info. If the content resonates, they will read the rest of the blog and find a connection, compelling them to call you.

This style is helpful for any writer creating solid content or blog posts.  It’s true that we get hammered all day long with marketing and advertising, so you need to find that hook.

5. Create article headers to organize your ideas.

The concept of creating a killer headline and then headers has worked the best for my clients.

Every client is concerned about writing blog articles.  Blog articles are important for the simple reason that you need to have your own content to share on Social Media and use for your email newsletters.  Both of these options are needed in your marketing mix.  If you are a small business you need to do this on your own!

You can do it by choosing that killer headline and then the article headers.  Then fill in the blanks or answer the questions your clients ask.

Example:  Headline: 5 things you must have to buy investment property.

Headers: Organized Finances,  Cash Flow, Good Lawyer, Experienced Real Estate Broker, Know what you want to invest in.

Now fill in the blanks and I assure you, the words will flow when you talk about your business.

Remember to write blogs based on what your client wants and needs to know.  Not just about you, there is a place for that and it’s the least important information.  If they want to talk to you they can find your contact info.  Solve their problem.

6. Remember people make decisions based on emotions.

Scientific research explains this concept, and I’m always trying to wrap my thinking around it. Creating content that heads to the negative is not where I like to dwell. However, as sales training taught me, my job is to fill the need of my customer.

Needs hover in the negative, so I focus on the client’s concerns with the body content and then offer a solution which is positive.  I can help you with your problem!

One of the other tidbits I follow is the status motivator. Will this product or service create an impression of wealth? Will I be looked at as smart, beautiful, someone people need to know?

Cosmetics, diets, clothes, and drugs all push the concept of status so create content and marketing for your business with this concept in mind.

Hiring you will push up their social status by making them healthy, happy and confident! Perception is reality.

Keep in mind always- How can you solve their problem?

Bonus Tip: Create content by commenting on an article someone else wrote.

You can create additional pages or develop new content by reading and discussing hot topics in your industry.

Anything you read, share with your readers. If the expert (you) are reading it- it’s important to them.

If an article is full of fantastic info, tell your readers why in at least 300 words. Don’t just write “it’s interesting” yikes! I just fell asleep, and so did the search engines!

If lies are exploding around the page- tell the reader why. Content and posts with expression get noticed and connect with readers.

Search engines are looking for quality content, that’s why they like 2,000 words.  Make sure what you write has keywords the searcher is looking for in their query, and do this in any comments you write if nothing else its good practice.

Responding to articles helps create those 11-20 posts a month, which, as the stats show, makes the most significant impact on traffic to your website. Do it!

Bonus Tip #2; Record Yourself

One experiment I do with clients is to pick one topic and have them explain it to me. Guess what?  In less than 15 minutes of talking they have written well over a 300-word blog post.

So, if you have to record yourself speaking and then type it out or get dictation software do it!  Most verbal conversations blast out the 2,000 words quickly.


Creating content following these solid content tips will help your business. You will be creating exciting content that is valuable to potential new clients. It also helps with the writer’s confidence and writing ability as well and ultimately leads to more sales.

There is more to it than that last statement, but this is the foundation to make it happen!

Hopefully, my tips will set up your blogging so it’s more fun than pain.

If you have any questions please EMAIL US

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