Consultants Who Understand Marketing Automation

Zip Media is a boutique marketing company specializing in marketing automation.

We help companies choose, review and test marketing automation options for success.

Marketing automation companies are abundant and making the right choice for your company is daunting even for professionals like us. We understand the struggle businesses, individuals and small marketing departments face with these options.

Too many options create decision paralysis; we will help your company make the best decision possible using the marketing automation options. We will continue to help you understand and utilize these options effectively. Lastly, we will test each of the options to make sure they are working for your company.

Our consulting is a continual try, test and adapt program. With marketing automation companies not everything is automatic. We’ve learned that to utilize these companies effectively; they need to be worked! Oh, the irony!

marketing automation consultant

Katie Kukar

Katie Kukar, the owner, has extensive marketing experience and has found that with each client certain things became apparent.

First, the importance of  incorporating marketing automation for faster and continuous success.

Secondly, the dramatic increase in marketing automation options in the last three years has been overwhelming to companies. Faced with not knowing where to start, most companies do nothing.

Thirdly, clients have a low level of trust with newer marketing automation companies since they don’t have a proven track record.

Fourth, the inaccurate idea that once a marketing automation company is hired, they do whatever they want and you don’t need to do anything but wait for success.

One of the myths of marketing automation is that it is automatic. Zip Media Co. focuses on marketing automation for companies since we understand and utilize marketing automation. We know how to use it effectively.

“It’s part marketing, part organization and part relationship.” Katie Kukar Owner Zip Media Co.

The Marketing part is using all of the available resources in the digital arena that will work for your business.

The organization part is in setting up all resources and working them with your processes, people, and money.

The Relationships include developing and maintaining relationships with the marketing clients and with the companies providing the services. We are all in this together!

We view the relationships with our clients as partnerships and work hard to make sure your business continues successfully and expands with the help of our team. If your business is successful then, then our business is successful. Our Services

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Our Philosophy

Marketing is a fascinating combination of business management and creative thinking.  No business can be successful without marketing.

The Concept
Marketing is important, the trick is finding the right combination of marketing automation that makes your business successful. Choosing, implementation and testing take time to build some traction and if they are not working they can be revamped, changed or freshened for success.
Experimenting with your marketing opens up opportunities to find the successful combination.  But this only works if the business tracks the marketing.  We believe in the tracking the marketing.
Marketing is an Investment not an Expense and when a company chooses to cut their marketing because they don’t understand marketing automation that’s a big problem.
Social Media
Social Media has exploded the field of marketing, but businesses focus on dumping junk onto their Facebook page or Twitter feed. Social media marketing is effective and marketing automation can help but it still needs to be personal. We can help you maximize the time it takes to work social media while maintaining a relationships with your customers.
Business Understanding
We believe in understanding a clients business first before creating a marketing plan.  We also know that marketing is a work in progress and needs to change frequently, stay updated, reviewed and generate revenue.
A Learning Process
This will always be a learning process and we work to make things happen, experiment, get creative, and use whatever marketing resources are available.

Our Process

We are marketing automation consultants working with you and with various companies to meet your marketing goals contributing to your success.

Getting to Know YOU
We learn about our clients, their business and revenue goals.
Tailored to Your Needs
We tailor the marketing plan to meet those goals.
Goal Oriented
Review marketing plans as it correlates to goals.
Results Driven
If the goals have been fulfilled, we continue and expand.  If goals were not reached, we change and tweak the plan to get results.
Communication is Key
Throughout the marketing plan time frame, we regularly give updates and communicate with the business.