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Finding a Marketing Professional who is knowledgeable and you can trust is challenging.  Trusting the information they provide is a leap of faith and that’s the reality.  This is the second article containing 3 more tips check out the first blog.

These tips were compiled from clients experiences who came to us for help. Our job is fun and when done well our relationships continue and our clients make more money so we all win and we are very aware of this lucrative relationship.

3 more Tips for choosing the right Marketing Professional and deal breakers to help sift through the options without wasting too much time.

Tip 4:  A good MP doesn’t suggest every social media marketing option available.

Most marketing professionals agree that not everyone and every business needs to get involved in every social media option available.  It’s dependent on your target market- first of all.

Social Media Marketing is a giant marketing opportunity and by giant I mean a tiny bit of research shows how many options are available, it’s scary and overwhelming.  Realize most Social Media is free but the time it takes to work it effectively to generate revenue or to communicate with customers is enormous.  Most small business owner just don’t have the time.

A good marketing professional understands your business and picks options that are manageable and serve the purpose of generating revenue or communication with customers.

Deal Breaker:  If they recommend a business get involved with every type of social media options and do not have a strategy for using these Social Media Marketing options then move on.  It’s too much, they don’t have a plan to generate revenue or communicate and they are following a trend without understanding it’s purpose.

Tip 5: A good MP has an arsenal of specialists

A good Marketing Professional is a project manager.  They understand their own skills, align them with their business model and then find specialists to compliment other areas.  A quality Marketing Professional has the skills to communicate with the clients, understanding their needs and wants, get creative with the marketing plan and incorporate specialists to take the ideas and methods to a successful level.

In this age of technology it’s difficult to find one professional to be skilled in all elements of technology.  They can be knowledgable about technology but writing code for a website is completely different from developing blog content and creating images.

A good Marketing Professional has extensive knowledge of technology and social media but knows how to communicate and help drive sales.   They will leave the details of writing website code and search engine optimization to those who specialize.  As a business owner you are getting the best a Marketing Professional can offer.

There is specific way of communicating with people who think more technically than those who are more creative and there needs to be a delicate balance between the two to be successful.

Deal Breaker:  If they tell you they can handle all elements marketing without assistance from other professionals they are trying to get the sale and not being truthful.  You need to trust your Marketing Professional, move on.

Tip 6: A good MP understands sales.

The whole point of marketing is sales.  A good Marketing Professional knows this is a crucial element when working with any business.  A conversation about return on investment when discussing marketing dollars is imperative.

They should be excited to talk with the sales team getting their input on their needs for success from a marketing standpoint.

Understanding past marketing efforts and where marketing was successful, what was not and how it was tracked is invaluable and should be discussed.

Deal breaker:  If there is no discussion about return on investment, understanding past efforts, working with the sales team.  Then your best interest is not a top priority, move on.