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Killer headlines!

The purpose of killer headlines is attracting attention within seconds and pull them into your article and website.  Therein lies the Power of an amazing headline.

I’m a fan of using humor to grab and explain- I respond well to those types of headlines but I do like important information to enhances what I am reading and I am not alone.

The headline must stand on it’s own. So I’ve compiled the types of headlines that attract attention.

  • People love numbered lists.            7 Habits, 5 ideas, 3 pitfalls etc
  • They love resource lists:           7 ways, 7 secrets, 7 things
  • They read Warnings or Cautions:       Top 10 mistakes, 11 warning signs
  • What’s New:  We are addicted to new.       5 new ideas to create more followers,  7 website changes that attract search engines
  • How to’s:  How to implies a solution to a problem.      How to finalize your Divorce in 5 quick steps.
  • “You can do it”  Adds intrigue–      You can solve your families financial crisis
  • Ask a Question;  make sure you know the answer!       Does staying in an unhappy marriage benefit your children?
  • Fear:  Fear and greed are primary motivators.       “4 Phrases that age you”
  • Astonishing Facts:       1 in 2 marriages end in Divorce, World wastes 30% of it’s food
  • Controversy:  Controversy is fueled, in part, by conflicting beliefs.      “CO house debates the legality  of home schooling”
  • Don’t do this: Fear again      “5 things a person says to a police officer to get arrested”
  • Save Money:    Mediate your divorce to save X dollars
  • Yes, but….  Legal tips that rock, except when used against husband
  • Be specific:       Number of DUI’s up in Vail in March

The content of the article should follow the stated headline or what’s the point.  There is an art to writing good blog postings.  If you are writing for business pick the key idea, share some wisdom, give the reader a call to action, use key words and use proper grammar not text language.

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