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3 questions about Twitter

What is Twitter? How does it work? How do I set it up?

Twitter is a social media site like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Yelp, Foursquare and many, many more. Social media sites are a way to socialize with people online about a variety of subjects.

Individuals and businesses have the opportunity to communicate on the internet in a social manner. It’s about sharing, meeting new people, having fun and learning.

Twitter is considered Micro-Blogging since you enter only 140 characters to communicate. They are teasers to interest people to read more.

How does it work?

It’s a way of communicating online with short bits of information. 140 Characters or less. It’s a wonderful form of communication in our busy lives since we can only consume so much information in a day.

Twitter sifts through information quickly to find what we want, what’s interesting and stay informed.

Your twitter feed is designed by you and your business to create a feed of information that relevant to your interests.

These shorts bits of information of 140 characters are called tweets. These tweets
contain facts, interests, news bits, ideas, jokes and links.

Tweets can also be two-way communication. You can read other people’s tweets or tweet information yourself or re-tweet (share) other peoples tweets or tweet on someone else’s feed.

Example: To make it easy check out Oprah’s twitter feed, she requests people tweet her with answers to questions she asks on #supersoulsunday. We will get to the hashtag later I promise.

How do I setup twitter?

Each Twitter account has the basic setup of a Twitter Handle, which is the username, a twitter stream, which is like the Facebook wall, a list of followers (people who follow your twitter handle), list of people you follow, space to create your […]

3 motivating blogging stats.

Encouraging client’s creation of blog postings is a day to day occurrence.  One of the best ways to develop organic traffic on any website is blogging, and this is no secret nor has this tip changed much in the world of digital marketing.

Instead of constantly hammering away at clients the value of blogging I have developed creative and motivating ideas to stress the importance of blogging.

Since motivation and learning come in many forms, my hope is sharing statistics on blogging will trigger certain clients sense of urgency and importance in writing their blogs.

Motivating clients to complete material for the blog is a common problem.  It’s also common for writers in any field around the world.

What has worked for me personally, is one simple quote taped to the wall in mission control, otherwise referred to as my office that states “the difference between a successful writer and a non-successful writer is….. one writer writes, and one thinks about writing.”

This quote is my daily motivation.  It’s simple and creating one blog is also simple.  Here is why for myself.  I have confidence in my ability and knowledge of marketing. The marketing techniques I employ get desired results for clients.  I read and research daily on the ever-adjusting and developing web marketing.  Knowing these details, I have plenty to share with my clients and potential new clients. Simple.

Each business and person is motivated by different “hot buttons” so this post is for my stats driven clients.  My hope is these stats are motivating enough to advance your presence on the web by sharing your knowledge on the blog and work toward increasing revenue.

So here they are…..

1.  The average company will see a 45% growth in traffic when […]

3 More Tips for Choosing a Marketing Professional

Finding a Marketing Professional who is knowledgeable and you can trust is challenging.  Trusting the information they provide is a leap of faith and that’s the reality.  This is the second article containing 3 more tips check out the first blog.
These tips were compiled from clients experiences who came to us for help. Our job is fun and when done well our relationships continue and our clients make more money so we all win and we are very aware of this lucrative relationship.
3 more Tips for choosing the right Marketing Professional and deal breakers to help sift through the options without wasting too much time.
Tip 4:  A good MP doesn’t suggest every social media marketing option available.
Most marketing professionals agree that not everyone and every business needs to get involved in every social media option available.  It’s dependent on your target market- first of all.
Social Media Marketing is a giant marketing opportunity and by giant I mean a tiny bit of research shows how many options are available, it’s scary and overwhelming.  Realize most Social Media is free but the time it takes to work it effectively to generate revenue or to communicate with customers is enormous.  Most small business owner just don’t have the time.
A good marketing professional understands your business and picks options that are manageable and serve the purpose of generating revenue or communication with customers.
Deal Breaker:  If they recommend a business get involved with every type of social media options and do not have a strategy for using these Social Media Marketing options then move on.  It’s too much, they don’t have a plan to generate revenue or communicate and they are following a trend without understanding it’s purpose.
Tip 5: […]

3 Tips for Choosing a Marketing Professional

Finding a Marketing Professional who is knowledgeable and you can trust is challenging.  Trusting the information they provide is a leap of faith and that’s the reality.  
Here are 3 Tips for choosing the right Marketing Professional and deal breakers to help sift through the options without wasting too much time.
Tip 1: A good MP asks questions about your business first.
A serious Marketing Professional starts every new meeting asking questions about your business.  A good professional already researched the type of business and industry but asks questions for confirmation and perspective on what they researched.  This indicates they’ve invested time into this meeting and take business seriously.
Trying to sell their service immediately is a red flag not a deal breaker.  If the meeting continues and they DO ask questions about your business, continue with the other tips.
Deal Breaker:  If they never ask quality questions of your business, it’s a deal breaker.  How can they help your business when they don’t know much about your business or take time to listen to you?
Tip 2: A good MP recaps what you told them and creates a preliminary marketing plan on the spot.
With the preliminary research completed before the meeting and the quality questions asked in the appointment, a good Marketing Professional can give you an idea of a marketing plan moving forward.
Really good marketers would start with a short term, revenue generating plan and then explain a long term marketing plan.  These plans should incorporate a mix of marketing options specific to your business and industry.
Deal Breaker:  If the marketing professional tries to sell you the “big kahuna” marketing plan right away it’s not a partnership between the two of you, it’s them selling to you […]