We Are Here To Serve You

Zip Media offers a variety of services designed to meet the needs of specific businesses.  We start with understanding your business and it’s goals first, before creating a marketing plan.

Clients needs vary from…..

  • Simple website designs
  • More sophisticated designs.C
  • Creating blog and website content.
  • Email Newsletter Campaigns
  • Revamping current websites creating better content and optimizing it for search engines.
  • Develop and incorporate social media sites and strategies with their current website.
  • Print ad campaigns.

Our services are designed to adapt to client needs and wants for their marketing.  Our team leader creates the plan and enacts technical professionals for the specific marketing plan to meet those needs.  Each business is different and so are their needs, issues and wants.  We create an ala carte of services.  We have found that this is the best way to help businesses and help them generate revenue.

Your best plan of action for more information is calling 720-933-8117 or emailing us.  We can ask questions, do an assessment and explain how we can meet your goals or fix a problem your business is having with it’s marketing.

Contact Us

Katie Kukar, President

Phone: 720.933.8117

Email: Contact Katie

Web: Zip Media


“Zip Media helped me create a simple yet effective step by step marketing plan that changed my thinking on marketing all together. Katie actually got me excited to market my business!”
Andrea Kuntz
“Katie helped our company make the right advertising decisions that aligned best with our company goals. We were able to maximize our budget with recommendations that would best reach our target audience.”
Leah Roeser
“Katie has the unique gift to be able to see the big picture while being able to focus on the street level details.  She has great communication skills and connects well with her clients.”
Alan Caliham
“Katie Kukar is exceptional with clients and brings personality and fun to all of her endeavours. She can be counted on to provide an outstanding level of service!”
Scott Sandberg
“We’ve been thrilled to have Zip Media work in conjunction with our team to achieve our sales and marketing goals. They are professional and easy to work with and we appreciate the synergy that they bring to table.”
Chris Hensler