Trouble Choosing an Option?-We’ll Help

Zip Media offers marketing automation consultation services. We help companies make the best marketing automation choices for their businesses, implement the marketing automation, manage and test all programs.

We can be your marketing department or work with your marketing department plus we can help create a marketing department. We organize the marketing and help you find the right person to handle your marketing moving forward.

Our consulting services are designed to adapt to client needs and wants for marketing success.

We want to work with companies that understand the importance of marketing, the continuously changing environment of digital and social media marketing and have a marketing budget. We have worked with companies who have don’t have a marketing budget but have dollars available; this is when we designed their budget.

We have had excellent success in consulting with companies and their employees. We have used internal personal resources for marketing and have created new job roles and responsibilities for their loyal, hard-working employees. Once these people were in place, we then take on a management and resource role.

Call or email us with any questions! We are happy to have a conversation about any concerns you have marketing automation

There are 9 things we discuss with businesses when they are considering a marketing automation consultant.

  1. What’s your business
  2. What are your business and marketing goals
  3. What’s your current marketing strategy: successes and failures
  4. Why are you considering marketing automation
  5. What specific options have you considered
  6. Who has or is responsible for the marketing
  7. Do you have a marketing budget
  8. Have you worked with any marketing automation companies
  9. What was the result of your experience with those companies

This is just a sample of a call or meeting with a company but it gives you an idea of what to think about if you are considering your options.  Our strategy is to learn about the company first and then decide if we are a good fit for your company.  It never hurts to pick up the phone and give us a call.

Our Process:

First order in creating an effective marketing plan is understanding a clients business.

  • We research true revenue streams and look for areas of improvement.
  • We look at the past marketing efforts, what worked, what didn’t.
  • We discuss the client’s thoughts and ideas- your input is important.
  • We talk with employees and other company professionals.

Compiling this information creates the perfect starting point in creating a marketing plan. Our marketing plans consist of a mix traditional media and new media, depending on the target market of the business. Each demographic gets their own marketing plan.

Contact Us

Katie Kukar, President

Phone: 720.933.8117

Email: Contact Katie

Web: Zip Media


“Zip Media helped me create a simple yet effective step by step marketing plan that changed my thinking on marketing all together. Katie actually got me excited to market my business!”
Andrea Kuntz
“Katie helped our company make the right advertising decisions that aligned best with our company goals. We were able to maximize our budget with recommendations that would best reach our target audience.”
Leah Roeser
“Katie has the unique gift to be able to see the big picture while being able to focus on the street level details.  She has great communication skills and connects well with her clients.”
Alan Caliham
“Katie Kukar is exceptional with clients and brings personality and fun to all of her endeavours. She can be counted on to provide an outstanding level of service!”
Scott Sandberg
“We’ve been thrilled to have Zip Media work in conjunction with our team to achieve our sales and marketing goals. They are professional and easy to work with and we appreciate the synergy that they bring to table.”
Chris Hensler