We created this section of the website for the current clients of Zip Media Co.

Here you can find basic information on conversations from our meetings.  The information most helpful for clients is on blogging, email newsletters, drafting biographies, marketing images, and tips and ideas about social media

Clients looking for more extensive information on a particular subject or have marketing questions please call or email us and we will do our best to assist you with information you need.

Blog Postings

After creating websites for clients the next big step is writing blogs and posting them online.  This is imperative for search engines and potential new clients to find your businesses website online.

Blog postings are a way for a businesses to do several things, start creating authority for their website on the internet, rise in organic rankings for search and learn to describe your business in short complete articles.  More information

Creating blog postings for a majority of businesses and professional is a challenge so we have devised a number of tips to guide our clients and adapted tools to help keep them on track.

Email Newsletters

This is a specific and important way a business can communicate with their current clients and potential new ones.  Communication with current clients is the best way to market by reminding them who you are, what you have to offer and that you care about them as customers.  Stop communicating and they will forget about you and someone else will come along and take your client.

One of the best ways to compel people to visit your website is through email newsletter.  A visit to your website, helps with your organic rankings plus gives them a complete picture of who you are and what you have to offer, often leading to more sales.

Here are a few reminders why you should create email newsletters plus how to get organized to set one up and what topics should be covered in the newsletters


Creating a Bio explaining who people are and why you want to work with them is a secret art form, just like creating amazing resumes and cover letters.  It opens the door to a conversation and possibly a sale.  Often times and depending on industry clients are buying the individuals who make up the company.

Here is a sample of a Bio questionnaire we’ve created for several attorneys.  We try to create Bio Questionnaires based on each type of industry so it has a personal touch.


These are important for the overall look of your website and the people who work for your company.  When we work with clients creating their website we help choose the images that represent the company. This can be done with stock photo or we have resources to create images specific to a client or business including head shots.

Need information on other marketing techniques please call or email us.

This page is to reinforce the basic aspects of working with a marketing professional it’s always good to back up what we tell clients with information they can access easily when they want it.  As with anything you read on our website if you have questions please send us an email or call we would love to help.

Want to see other topics addressed we would love your input.