Follow these 6 simple but crucial website content tips if you want a shot of getting any organic search rankings for your website.

Simple and to the point.  
Body of the content or post must live up to the headline.  
State your conclusion at the beginning of the page or post.   
Easy way to create content or a blog post is to read an article and then comment on it for your post.  
Your comment needs to be over 300 words.  
People make decision based on emotion.

These are the basics but start with these then we can move on to more tailored techniques for your business.  These tips work for website content and blogs.

6 Content Tips

1.  Simple and to the point.

You should do this if you want to sell your home.

If you want your divorce to be final in 91 days- do this!

For your content to make an impact and benefit anyone, keep it simple to start. You can always have a part 2 for more information, but the goal is for potential clients to read it and take an action- like calling you for an appointment.

Short is relative since you need about 300 words for the search engines to notice the content. Short is 300 words in the blogging world. Make it interesting, use the strongest headline possible for all content and blogs. Test out a few headlines and use a keyword in the title. Test out opening paragraphs for all pages.  Sharing your knowledge and tell your clients success stories, all with your help. That should get you to 300 words!

2.  Body of the content or post must live up to the awesome headline, opening paragraph or quote.

If the content doesn’t live up […]