Finding a Marketing Professional who is knowledgeable and you can trust is challenging.  Trusting the information they provide is a leap of faith and that’s the reality.  
Here are 3 Tips for choosing the right Marketing Professional and deal breakers to help sift through the options without wasting too much time.
Tip 1: A good MP asks questions about your business first.
A serious Marketing Professional starts every new meeting asking questions about your business.  A good professional already researched the type of business and industry but asks questions for confirmation and perspective on what they researched.  This indicates they’ve invested time into this meeting and take business seriously.
Trying to sell their service immediately is a red flag not a deal breaker.  If the meeting continues and they DO ask questions about your business, continue with the other tips.
Deal Breaker:  If they never ask quality questions of your business, it’s a deal breaker.  How can they help your business when they don’t know much about your business or take time to listen to you?
Tip 2: A good MP recaps what you told them and creates a preliminary marketing plan on the spot.
With the preliminary research completed before the meeting and the quality questions asked in the appointment, a good Marketing Professional can give you an idea of a marketing plan moving forward.
Really good marketers would start with a short term, revenue generating plan and then explain a long term marketing plan.  These plans should incorporate a mix of marketing options specific to your business and industry.
Deal Breaker:  If the marketing professional tries to sell you the “big kahuna” marketing plan right away it’s not a partnership between the two of you, it’s them selling to you […]