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5 Marketing Myths

Recent interviews with new clients revealed these marketing myths. I’m using this blog to explain why these comments are marketing myths. There are many more, but these were the prominent ones to date. When dispelling these myths in person, I always try to be gentle.

These are the 5 myths

1. Once the marketing plan’s in place, there’s no need to adapt, change or revamp.

The reality is, marketing plans change all the time, and if you are working with a professional, this will be the case. Experimentation is part of the game and if ideas are working, fantastic! If not, change them.

A business focus changes frequently and so does the target of the marketing.  If that happens, the marketing plan must change.

For instance, a current client was just looking for traffic to their website, so we structured the content to speak to a wide audience. As website traffic progressed and client calls increased, they realized attracting a more sophisticated clientele was more in line with their business goals. We changed the web content and blogs attracting those particular clients. Marketing will always be an ongoing process.

2. Building a website creates immediate success for a business.

The reality is, for a website to gain any traction with traffic and search engine optimization; it needs at least 9 months of adding content, updating and adapting specific elements for a business to see web results. Building a site is a stepping stone for success but the marketing must continue on a variety of levels to generate revenue.

If you don’t work your website, you will not see results in 9 months. Plus, results vary according to the type of business. Build the best website possible (pay for a professional), but know this is only the beginning.

3. Businesses should create a marketing plan that includes as many options and ideas as possible.

The reality is, this could break a business, and I am familiar with “professionals” telling businesses they should do as much social media possible. I don’t agree with that strategy. I work with different sized businesses and starting with a few solid ideas and then implementing them a little at a time is the path to success. Here are some reasons why….

  • One, it allows a business to try different types of marketing without investing too much money or time that could hurt the business.
  • Two, gives the business, and it’s owners a taste of success, building momentum with all the other marketing ideas.
  • Three, allows a business to generate revenue along the way and then use those additional funds to try more marketing ideas.

Start with a solid foundation and then add “the next best thing” but trying to do everything at once is overwhelming and impossible. You don’t need to work every social media outlet at once!

4. Once a marketing professional is hired, your work is done.

The reality is, this is a relationship between the marketing professional, the owner, the employees and the business. The best possible communication is mandatory from all parts of the company to maintain a strong working relationship

Besides a partnership is more fun and effective when there is input from owners and employees, and we act as a team. The front lines of any business provides valuable information to the marketing professional, so the communication needs to be from all levels, continuous and honest.

Keep in mind it does take some time to get into sync with each other but when it does it’s magical and fun.- Voice your expectations, know you’ll always be involved and realize it’ll take time to get into “sync.”

5. We don’t need to define our expectations; it’s obvious- increase revenue.

The reality is this is inviting trouble! Discussing expectations helps alleviate future issues. It’s challenging to meet expectations when you don’t know what the business owner and it’s employees expect.

I have worked with clients where the proposal was written up and agreed upon and then as time progresses the terse emails start popping up about this, and that. I refer to the proposal, and marketing plan, but it’s the unspoken expectations causing these issues.

Sometimes clients just don’t get why you are doing what you are doing, and once the communications reaches a certain level, it’s hard to re-hash all the expectations and get the communication and plan back on schedule.

Addressing all of these myths with each client at the first meeting and working together starts the relationship out on strong footing and leads to a higher chance of success for both of us.

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