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list of marketing mythsPart 2 of marketing myths.  The myths listed came up recently in conversation with potential clients, so I thought I would use this blog to educate other clients and readers.  Read the first installment.

1. A marketing professional is only needed for a short period of time and then you can take over the marketing.  

Not really, the opposite is true.   If the relationship works well and both the business and the marketing professional are making money the last thing a business owner should do is take over the marketing again. 

When an owner calls in a professional they were struggling with marketing, why go back to the struggle? Besides working with a marketing professional for a year does not make you a marketing expert.

There is also a difference between knowing what to do for marketing and then implementing the program.  Marketing professionals don’t give up all their secrets.

2. It’s not important to review past marketing efforts.  

Not really, it exceptionally important to review past marketing. Why? 

A business can’t move forward unless it knows where it’s been.  Reviewing the effective and non-effective marketing helps a business make better decisions on where to start, what should continue, and what can be tweaked to be more effective.

If the marketing efforts were not successful, but maybe they should have been, exploring why and making minor changes, saves time and money.  Often a simple change generates success.

Keeping detailed records of marketing efforts from the beginning also indicates progress and where future improvements need to be made.

3. Everyone should be the target of your marketing.

Not really, that’s impossible. It’s too general to make a serious impact.  It’s a lot like throwing darts outside a bar, in a field, no dart board in sight and no weight to the darts.  Stuff is flying everywhere, never landing where you want.  

There is no point to that kind of marketing, you will not achieve desired results, and will work very hard Not to make it happen.  The myth of doing every bit of social media marketing at once is similar to this concept.  Too much- little impact.

Note: breaking down the target of your business is dependent on a few variables;  has the business been around a while and needs increased revenue? If so, we review past sales and past marketing looking over the successful marketing efforts and the specific demographics of your clients, giving us a starting point.

That info gives us an idea of where to start marketing efforts.  I like to know which demographics generate the most revenue and focus the efforts on those clients.

If you are a new business, a broader target market is ok- just not everyone.  Making an assessment on where you think most of the revenue will come from and then tailoring the marketing program works best.

That was a simple explanation of how we handle the process. If you have questions please call 720-933-8117 or email us for a marketing assessment.

4. Marketing is marketing and sales is sales.

Not really, we could debate all week about the differences between marketing and sale and how they are separate, etc. But what a business owner needs to know is marketing and sales and integral part of any business success.  

I believe you cannot have one without the other and marketing’s biggest focus should be on sales or what’s the point?  

Small businesses don’t have the luxury to separate the two; larger business could- but then again what’s the point of marketing?  These two need to work together.  I value the sales department because it’s a tough job and if marketing helps make it easier and increases more frequent sales- bam! We now have a working and successful relationship.

If you have any questions regarding these myths or what to talk about your business marketing, please call us at 720-933-8117 or Email US anytime.

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